Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram

A famous Brainstorming Tool to analyze process performance is the Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram. It’s used to locate possible problems (causes).

Potential bones can be the 5Ms & 1P

1. Measurement – the tools that monitor performance of a process

2. Methods – procedures, that transform inputs into outputs

3. Machines – various appliances used in the transformation from inputs to outputs

4. Mother Nature – environmental elements

5. Materials – the components, that are transformed from inputs into outputs

6. People – the staffing that influences how well we meet customer needs and requirements

Constructing a Fishbone diagram

1. identify the problem and put it on the fish head

2. determine the categories of causes, e.g. 5Ms & 1P

3. brainstorm possible causes

4. drill down and ask why and why again!

Fishbone Ishikawa Diagram

The key is to ask why until you can ask why no further!
Further data collection may then be required to validate the causes.

The diagram is made with XMind.

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