Book Review – You can buy Happiness by Tammy Strobel

… (and it’s cheap): How one woman radically simplified her life and how you can too

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“Happiness is always there. If it’s not, you’re allowing something to block you from seeing that it’s there.”

Takeaway – My notes and quotes from the book

  • The work – spend cycle
  • The whole world is my living room
  • Buying more stuff to store stuff?
  • Join project 333
  • Don’t let the world speak for you
  • You have reached perfection of design when you have nothing more to take away
  • Increased happiness requires a shift in attention toward time
  • Give yourself 30 days
  • Income is not a strong predictor of happiness once our basic needs are met

3 reasons to read the book

  1. You want to escape the work – spend vicious circle.
  2. You need inspiration to start your own minimalism project.
  3. Find lot’s of interesting books and weblinks in the book.

Buy the book: Print | eBook

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