Book Review – Coherence by Alan Watkins

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People don’t buy things because they think they want them, they buy them because they feel they need them.


Takeaway – My notes and quotes from the book

  • a VUCA world: volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous
  • it’s energy management not time management that will transform results
  • the E-bank – Deposits/Withdrawls – things, situations, people, events
  • manage your energy levels
  • highlight the top 3 energy accumulators and energy drains
  • when we spend time in the past or future we rob ourselves of life

  • stabilize our physiology -> stabilizer breathing
    1. breathe in 4, out 6 rhythmicity
    2. smoothess
    3. location of attention, focus on your heart breathe rhythmically evenly and through the heart everyday
  • Karoski = Japanese for “death from overwork”
  • mismanaged emotions are the root cause of disease and distress
  • Emotion, Eating, Exercise
  • there is a strong association between the ability to central our own destiny and mortality rates
  • those who do not feel in control of their lives are less successful and less psychologically and physically healthy than those who do feel in control
  • if someone is negative the body creates more cortisol and cortisol suppresses the immune system
  • once cortisol levels have suppressed the immune system over a long period of time, the cancer cells are not adequately disposed of and instead they can take hold and develop into cancer
  • health and happiness are inextricably linked
  • those who are mentally healthy and happy have a higher degree of vertical coherence among their goals and aspirations
  • they have dovetailed their short term goals into their medium and long term goals so that everything they do fits together and pulls them toward a future they want
  • how we feel about what we are doing often has a much bigger effect on health and happiness than what we are actually doing
  • emotional awareness leads to better decision making
  • what we think we are capable of is often nothing more than a conditioned response or habit so we can tap into our true potential instead of an outdated idea of that potential
  • we need to become more “response-able” rather than reactive
  • in business emotional mismanagement is unhelpful, not emotions themselves

3 reasons to read this book

  1. You want to be more productive and healthier at the same time.
  2. You will learn some new ideas about being productive apart from “Getting Things Done”.
  3. You will use your emotions and not subpress them.

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